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If you're going to spend your money and time on dance class, don't be satisfied with a studio where class time is sometimes just play time. Come to FSB where you will learn the same technique that professional dancers use. Anyone can get on stage and wiggle in a costume, but FSB dancers have learned the technique to make their performances beautiful. Not only that, but allowing dancers to perform with incorrect technique is dangerous in that it can lead to acute or longterm injuries. We care too much about our students to let that happen.



You don't want to be just a number among many numbers herded around the studio. Come to FSB where you will know that your instructors care about you. FSB teachers will give you lots of individual attention, and we keep our class sizes small to facilitate this. The individual attention you receive will ensure that you learn all of your technique correctly and feel great about yourself. Our instructors also communicate with your parents about your progress and enjoyment in dance class.


At FSB, we do not forget that dance is an art. This is important to us because we believe that the arts can enhance and develop your intellectual and spiritual life. Especially in our young children's classes, but in fact throughout all age groups, we guide dancers to use their creativity to discover their own artistry. Every week, you will get to participate in creative movement activities in class, and you will find that concentrating on the artistic aspect of dance will actually improve your technique! We also involve all students in the creation of our artistic story ballet for each Nutcracker. If you want to, you can choose to build and paint scenery and props and sew and decorate costumes and accessories.



Although we believe that the most important part of taking dance class is attending and enjoying the weekly classes, we also love to perform! We have optional performance opportunities for you every semester! Each fall, FSB presents "The Nutcracker," a holiday favorite you will love being a part of or watching from the audience. Each spring, we present a full studio recital that that is artistic and entertaining. (Adults are invited to perform but are not required to.) Also, throughout the year, we present many optional community performances. You can choose to join FSB in dancing at events like The Governor's Kentucky Derby Celebration, Downtown Frankfort's Candlelight Tradition, The Governor's Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony, and school, festival, and nursing home outreach events.


We invite you to stop by our convenient location any time to see our beautiful building. On many occasions, we have had professional dancers volunteer for us as guest teachers just because they want an opportunity to dance in our beautiful studio rooms. FSB is located in a historic building with tall ceilings, a grand staircase, and all of the architectural details that make old buildings charming. We have installed new flooring in our studio rooms, and you will love dancing on it. We also offer amenities that you will not find in all studios: a comfortable waiting room and dressing rooms; free filtered water, herbal tea, and hot cocoa; and a Children's Play Area.


Our wonderful building is conveniently located in downtown Frankfort, which means that whether you are from east, west, or central Frankfort, you can easily converge with all the best dancers in town at FSB. We are on the corner of St. Clair Street (the brick pedestrian mall) and Broadway (which runs in front of the Old Capitol building). There is free parking on the street and in the nearby History Center parking lot. One of the most enjoyable benefits of dancing downtown is that you will be near nice, locally owned shops and restaurants. If your parents don't feel like sitting in the waiting room while you're in class, they can stroll around downtown, do a little shopping, or grab a refreshing drink. After class, you can get a fresh meal at one of the many downtown restaurants. If you haven't yet spent time in downtown, we think you'll be delighted with how beautiful is our town and how friendly is our community.


Our store is the only place in Frankfort where you can get new dance shoes. We also carry all of the attire and accessories you will need for dance class, not to mention adorable and lovely gift items for the dancers in your life. You can be assured of getting the best quality shoes and attire since we only carry our favorite brands. This means that you will be comfortable and will dance well. We also have consignment sales so that you can pick up items at very affordable prices and can get a little money back when you outgrow your dance stuff. Since our store is open in the waiting room whenever classes are in session, if you accidentally run your tights right before class or need a new pair of shoes in time for a performance, you can quickly pick up what you need without having to drive out of town.



The faculty and staff at FSB strongly value family and community, and you will sense that when you become a part of our dancing family. We encourage kindness and politeness among our students, and we foster an atmosphere of support and comraderie. In our dance classes, you will likely make lifelong friends, and you will have a lot of fun!



One of the best side effects of becoming a dancer is that you become more confident. Dance training gives a person poise and grace, and our instructors' and fellow dancers' encouragement and pride will make you feel good about yourself. Even if you are shy, we will help you find the courage to perform in front of your loved ones, and by carefully using constructive criticism to help you master your dancing, we will make sure that you are going to feel good about your performance. You may never choose to become a professional dancer, but the confidence you learn will benefit you in every area of your entire life.


FSB's staff is always friendly and helpful. If you leave a message on our answering machine, we will call you back as soon as possible. Our Office Manager desk is just inside the entrance, and at least once a week, you can stop there to talk with her to get answers to your questions about dance class, your account, upcoming events, etc. Please let us help.

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