The Circle Play & Learn Academy is a lovely cottage school for Preschool, Kindergarten, and Grades 1-3. Our program is lovingly crafted to include music, art, dance, stories, free play, nature, and community building. Our loving teachers are gentle and encouraging, and our art supplies and toys are all-natural and of the highest quality. Scroll down for details about our philosophy, activities, curriculum, and more.

Circle Play & Learn Academy

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The Circle Play & Learn Academy uses the Waldorf education pedagogy developed by Rudolf Steiner. This educational method is saturated in beauty and kindness, honoring each individual's spirit. In this way, it is a perfect fit for the loving, beautiful, and wholesome culture established at the Frankfort School of Ballet.


Our caring teachers gather the children into a class circle and lead them in unveiling their individual personalities and educational interests through a variety of:

  • art, craft, and handwork activities,

  • puppet stories,

  • singing,

  • finger plays,

  • nature appreciation,

  • community responsibility tasks,

  • dance and Eurythmy-inspired movement activities,

  • and free play with beautiful, natural toys inside the classroom and outside at the Old Capitol lawn. (We go outside every day, even when it's cold, even when it's rainy, even when it's snowy! Very cold rain or dangerous winds are the only weather events that keep us indoors.)


About once a month, Circle Play & Learn teachers and students welcome families into the classroom to celebrate a festival! This is a wonderful educational experience and joy-fostering opportunity for the children. Additionally, a few times a year, Circle Play & Learn celebrates larger festivals on weekends when all family members are available to attend and share a potluck meal.

In preparation for the festivals, the students hear stories and have conversations about the festival. Then, they learn songs, skits, and poems to perform, and they create artistic decorations for the festival.

Festivals are exciting and they feel important, which makes the work and learning the children do more memorable and valuable to them! They will learn not only art, music, and literature through this experience, but also social studies, science, mathematics, and history! 


If you would like to enroll, please submit the Application Form by email.





After we have received your Application Form, if we have any questions, we will contact you to arrange an Intake Interview.


Rates for the 2020-21 School Year:

Registration Fee: $30

Supplies Fee: $180

Preschool Tuition: $200/month       

K-3 Tuition: $400/month

Our school year runs approximately from

Labor Day to Memorial Day.


In order to make Circle Play & Learn accessible to all families, we are offering a very generous and simple financial aid program. There is no application fee and no deadline, though aid will be offered on a first-come-first-served basis. Just fill out our one-page application form, and you will be given an answer quickly, usually within one week. 


Although Circle Play & Learn is designed as a drop-off program to give homeschooling parents a well-deserved break and opportunity to embrace their own endeavors, parents can find enjoyment, community, and support in their involvement with the cottage school.

  • Parent volunteers are welcome in the classroom to assist the teacher and participate in their child's school experience.

  • Parents are invited to donate healthy snack items.

  • Our Circle Play teachers provide parents with lesson plan ideas that tie in with the learning that is occurring in the classroom and which they may choose to use at home for ease of planning their homeschooling.

  • Additionally, Circle Play & Learn hosts a homeschool festival co-op, open to all family members, to celebrate and bond our community.


Sometimes called a hybrid-school or a micro-school, a cottage school is a part-time private school for homeschooling families. Cottage schools are growing in popularity due to dissatisfaction with some aspects of public schools and the expense of private schools, along with a belief among today's parents that children belong with their families more of the time. Often, cottage schools use hands-on methods, mentoring from experts, small class sizes, and mixed-age groupings to help children learn more information in a shorter amount of time. It is the perfect option for many families who want an enriching and rigorous education in a gentle and respectful atmosphere.

Community Experts

From time to time, Circle Play & Learn Academy welcomes guests into our classroom to enrich our children's education experience.


In 2019-20, we were happy to be visited by author Vicki Easterly, who read her book "The Unsparkly Unicorn"; Grace Wilson, librarian at the Paul Sawyier Public Library; and Tiffany Laracuente, animal trainer.

Additionally, we take advantage of our location in Historic Downtown Frankfort to visit historic sites, like Liberty Hall and the Old Capitol; small, family-owned businesses; and nature sites, like the Kentucky River.with their classes through the years as the children rise through the grades. It is our intention that the Circle Play & Learn Academy continue into future years, evolving as the children grow older into upper elementary, middle, and high school classes.


In the Anthroposophical spirit of Three-Fold responsibility, Frankfort School of Ballet is generously donating administrative staff and classroom use for Circle Play & Learn, as well as sponsoring Financial Aid.


If you, your relatives, or your business would like to make a donation to Circle Play, please submit it to FSB at your convenience. With your generous donations, we can enhance and expand the programming for your children.


In the Waldorf tradition, the teachers stay with their classes through the years as the children rise through the grades. It is our intention that the Circle Play & Learn Academy continue into future years, evolving as the children grow older into upper elementary, middle, and high school classes.


Stanford University conducted a multi-year, rigorous analysis of Waldorf education that resulted in a 139-page report (December 2015). Stanford found significantly higher positive student achievement outcomes on standardized state assessmentsby Waldorf students, greater engagement and significantly lower disciplinary action and truancy. These results held across the subsets of African American, Latino and socio-economically disadvantaged students.

While fame may not be the best measure of success, renowned individuals offer a glimpse into the many ways a Waldorf education prepares every student to discover and pursue his or her passion with dedication to outstanding achievements, however they define success. This is only a partial list of alumni from Waldorf schools around the world:

  • Nearly 100% of Waldorf graduates attend college or university

  • 47% choose to major in humanities or arts

  • 42% choose to major in sciences or math

  • 89% of Waldorf graduates are highly satisfied in their choice of occupation

Please join us for Circle Play & Learn 2020-21!

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