We are very proud that after years of training and experience, we have developed and implemented an innovative program that is a joy for everyone involved. We have fused the strong tradition of the dance discipline with the newest information from research about education and kinesthetics, and we've enriched it with our own love and enthusiasm for the art. You won't find a program like this anywhere else, so please come see how dance class was meant to be!

FOR TODDLERS Until you've participated in them, you can't imagine how much fun our Mommy-and-Me classes are. Girls and boys 18-36 months old get to dance with a parent and discover ballet, tap, jazz, and creative movement in a weekly 30-minute class. You'll be amazed by how the children's social, language, and motor development accelerate once they begin dance class. Even toddlers can memorize and perform routines on stage!

FOR YOUTH We have very special weekly classes for children 3-8 years old in which they get to do ballet, tap, jazz, and creative movement each week. Our perfect class sizes ensure that your child will get a lot of individual attention from the instructor and will get to build friendships with other kids who have similar interests. 

Over the years, we have carefully developed a curriculum and lesson plans that provide a wonderful platform for our instructors to engage their own creativity and expertise to teach your children the best dance technique while having a lot of fun and nurturing their artistic expression. 

FOR TEENS and PRETEENS The classes in our Pre-Professional Division for 9-18 year olds allow dancers to choose among the dance disciplines and to decide how much time they want to devote to dance each week. Advanced students are given a well-rounded, extensive education that will lead them to their next step in the dance world.


These classes for dancers with a passionate dedication to their art are taught by highly qualified instructors who inspire in our dancers a strong work ethic and pride in accomplishment. Advanced dancers are also given special opportunities to serve as assistants and be trained to teach, as well as having special opportunities to observe and work with our resident professional performance company, Gale Force Dance.

FOR ADULTS Exercise can actually be a lot of fun! Our adult classes are nourishment for your body and mind, as you stretch and strengthen yourself to the accompaniment of enjoyable music while participating in a creative art. You'll be learning strong technique, but in an environment that is casual, friendly, and fun.

Whether you are a beginning dancer, are coming back to an art you loved as a child, or are maintaining an exercise program you've enjoyed for years, FSB's classes are good for your body, mind, and soul. As part of our casual attitude for adults, you can wear whatever makes you comfortable. Adult classes are just for fun, but if you awaken your artistic side, you'll have opportunities to perform on stage!

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