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Shannon Gale
Owner, Director, Producer

Shannon Gale began ballet dancing at 4 years old in 1978 at Pofahl Studio in Gainesville, Florida, with Miss Diantha Forsman, and Shannon immediately decided she wanted to be a dance teacher when she grew up. She studied dance in Joplin, Missouri, from 1982-1987 at the School of Ballet with Sammie Roark and from 1988-1990 at the School of the Lexington Ballet Company with Kirt Hathaway. Unfortunately, a foot injury led to an early retirement from dancing, which proved to be temporary because Shannon just had to dance even if it hurt. She then studied at Charisse and Co. School of Dance, where she was hired as a Ballet teacher. Shannon went on to study Modern dance with Susan Schildkret, as well as theatre tech with Patrick Kagan-Moore and Tony Haigh, at Centre College. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in 1996. Shannon was a summer teacher at Frankfort’s Montessori School, she wrote for the State Journal’s Buyer’s Guide, she served as the manager of a trendy import store in the arts district of Chicago, and she began her professional editing service Helpful Editor.


Shannon opened the Frankfort School of Ballet on Grandview Drive in 1997 and began developing a very special and successful dance pedagogy. With a focus on giving students excellent dance technique, as well as strong values in kindness and respect while enjoying themselves dancing, FSB quickly outgrew its first location and, in 2001, Shannon relocated the studio to a grand building that she ambitiously renovated in beautiful downtown Frankfort. Shannon continued her professional development as a dance instructor by attending and performing at dance gatherings throughout the region.


In efforts to heal her foot injury, Shannon discovered holistic healing, and when those methods were successful, Shannon began to study some natural healing techniques. Shannon renovated the building next door to FSB, and in 2012, she opened Vibrant Life, where she and her staff offer services, classes, and merchandise that can help dancers and their families stay healthy and happy.


Shannon’s son, Edison, is 7 years old, and Shannon enjoys having him, as well as her parents Steve and Kathy Gale, involved in her work with FSB and VL. She feels especially blessed to work with so many friends in this kind and caring community, and she is very proud of the dedicated work of her staff and faculty and the beautiful accomplishments of FSB’s students. 

Kathy Gale
Boogie Boutique Owner

A self-serve boutique, Boogie Boutique is located inside FSB and is open when classes are in session.  Both new and consignment items can be found for all your dance attire needs.  If you cannot find the appropriate size or need a specialty item, contact Kathy and she will be happy to order it for you.  

Read about Ms. Kathy on our faculty page.

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