Dance Styles

Ballet (and Pointe)

We train our young dancers in the wonderful method developed by Enricho Cecchetti. We prefer this style because it stresses precise technique, clean lines, theory of movement, and elegant strength.

As our ballerinas master this technique, we begin to introduce them to Russian-style ballet, which contributes a delicate, expressive quality to the dancing. With this well-rounded training, our dancers will be comfortable in studios around the world.

Pointe classes are available for advanced dancers who have been approved for pointe work by their instructor.

Creative Movement

Many dance studios leave out the incredibly important aspect of creativity, but at FSB we look at dance not just as exercise but also as art. In Creative Movement, dancers get to experiment with props, storytelling, improvisation, games, music cues, and lots more!

This is a great way for you to discover how to do the movements of the other dance disciplines while having a lot of fun! Creative Movement also wakes up your brain and invites you to explore who you are.


Typically performed to pop or current folk music, Contemporary is one of the most popular dance forms today. It is a blend of Jazz, Modern, and Ballet, with an emphasis on contrasting dynamics such as fast/slow (or stop), high/low, and large/small. Contemporary is a very expressive art form. As the newest genre of dance, it is constantly evolving, which makes room for unlimited creativity.


Modern was a reaction to the rigid, centuries-old form of Ballet, and it contrasts itself with the use of contractions and expansions of the torso and off-balanced movements of the head. It uses gravity against the dancer to create energy and power in the movements, which is very exciting to watch or perform. It seeks to express the real life of emotions and implements flexed feet, legs, arms, and hands to toy with our notions of beauty. Our classes honor the Modern heritage as realized through the techniques of African, Graham, Ailey, Cunningham, St. Denis, Tharp, and others.


Acro is the most thrilling activity on the planet for dancers who love to be challenged, and it is extremely entertaining to watch! Pre-Professional Acro classes at FSB include acrobatics, tumbling, cheerleading partner stunts, gymnastics, circus skills, Acro Yoga, feats of strength, balance, and flexibility, and Jazz and Contemporary dance choreography. FSB's Acro Gym for Youth is a class that focuses on the gymnastic, yoga, and circus skills that will be incorporated into the dance choreography in more advanced Acro classes at FSB. Acro Gym makes use of flat mats, a balance beam, and other gym equipment.

Circus Arts

What is more fun than going to the circus? Being in the circus! Circus Arts include juggling, tight rope walking, acrobatics, balancing feats, magic, clowning, flow arts, and more!

Circus Flow Arts bring dance together with juggling and spinning, using props like scarves, ribbons, hula hoops, poi, staffs, levi wands, and more!


Jazz is a clever blend of African and Ballet, and it uses fun, up-beat music to showcase a dancer's individual style and originality. It includes unique moves, fancy footwork, hip and shoulder isolations, arm and hand flares, big leaps, and quick turns. Over the years it has become very popular with audiences and dancers--especially on Broadwawy--because it is so energetic and showy.


Our classes incorporate technique from traditions of Classical Tap and Rhythm Tap. Not only is it a lot of fun to let your feet become a percussive instrument, but Tap dancing also increases your balance, rhythm, and the agility and flexibility of your feet. Recently, a fabulous picture of our advanced tap dancers was featured in the State Journal.

Percussive Dance

Tap, jazz, body percussion, step dancing, African dancing, drumming, and more combine to create a most exciting musical dance! Dancers will use a variety of everyday props, musical instruments, and creative ideas to invent new ways of making music with their bodies.

Praise Dance

Praise Dance draws upon both deep-rooted tradition and immediate inspiration to express the joy, love, wonder, and awe of the relationship between we humans and the Divine. As human beings, we all experience what it is to be physically moved by spirit: to lift up our hands at the sight of a beautiful sunset, to bow our heads in sorrow, or to jump for joy. Praise Dance builds upon that inspired sense of movement, helping us both to express our faith as a form of worship and to tell the story of our faith to a broader audience. This ecumenical class will be rooted in the Judeo-Christian tradition, but welcomes all who feel moved by the unseen to dance. 

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Adaptive Dance

For all levels and ages, our Adaptive Dance class is specially crafted for the needs of individuals with differing abilities. Our goal is to offer their beautiful bodies an opportunity to express themselves through movement while building coordination, self-confidence, strength, and mobility in a safe and loving environment. Class will include various genres for a fun and gentle experience. A parent or guardian is requested to stay at class with their dancer. 

Homeschool Dance

Looking for a way to add art, music, and movement into your homeschool curriculum? Our Homeschool Dance Classes were created to offer flexibility and affordability for homeschooling families. Classes include ballet, creative movement, tap, and jazz, taught by the gentle teacher of our wonderful cottage school, the Circle Play and Learn Academy.  

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We offer Private Lessons for couples or individuals: call 226-6443. Lessons can be scheduled at your convenience. We can study the type of dance you choose (Rumba, Swing, Salsa, Waltz, and other forms), and we will move at your speed. $36/half-hour for a couple.

We specialize in private lessons for engaged couples preparing for their First Dance during the wedding reception!

Pre-Professional Tracks

In order to best prepare our students for a career in dance, we have created Pre-Professional Tracks that offer you the most important classes in your field of focus at a generous discount. The genres within the tracks complement each other nicely, giving you the strength, technique, and joy to suit the dancing you most love to do.


Choose from Ballet, Broadway, Circus, and Contemporary Tracks. Add additional classes in other genres to your track at 75% off!


Increase strength, stamina, and flexibility with exercises especially designed for dancers! Using principles of kinesiology and techniques developed by physical therapists, we will borrow appropriate exercises from Pilates, yoga, and a variety of sports.

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