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Gale Force Dance will be delighted to bring the beauty and joy of dance to your audience, event, and venue!


Gale Force Dance is an eclectic and beautiful group of professional dancers who perform high quality, original, delightful dance in a variety of genres including but not limited to: ballet, contemporary, modern, jazz, tap, and circus arts.


The mission of Gale Force Dance is to bring joy through performance art to people of all walks of life. One of the qualities that makes Gale Force Dance extra special is that we have a wide range of age, body type, and style of dancer; we believe this makes our presentations easier for the audience to relate to and appreciate.


We are especially excited when we get to introduce dance to audiences who have not experienced live performance, and so our programs are designed to be easily accessible and pleasurable to watch. Even so, our dancers’ superb technique developed through rigorous training as well as our original choreography make our programs a delight also for those within the dance industry.


Find below:

Touring Repertoire (including technical specifications, video links, & photos)

Great Reviews

Artists’ Resumés


Any additional information is available upon request. Email shannon@frankfortballet.com





The following programs are available to tour in their entirety or as excerpts. If only smaller portions of the program are desired, some of the technical requirements will be reduced. For example, we can bring as few as 1 dancer on a stage of only 10’ x 5’ for a short presentation at a special event.


Gale Force Dance is happy to provide Q&A sessions and Master Classes in conjunction with any performance or as a stand-alone event.


Upon booking, appropriate images (such as those below and others) will be emailed.


The Nutcracker

Presented by Gale Force Dance along with student dancers from the Frankfort School of Ballet, The Nutcracker is a wonderful, entertaining event—the perfect holiday tradition for the whole family! Dancing in beauty, laughter, and joy, performers of all ages delight with this magical story of a special Christmas.


Video Sample: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IPgbrZUi024

Number of Dancers: Up to 9 professional dancers and up to 100 student dancers

Stage Requirements: Smooth, flat surface, at least 25’ x 25’

Backdrop, Scenery, and Props: Included as the venue allows

Lighting: General lighting system

Sound: General sound system

Dressing Rooms: Male and female rooms are needed

Beautiful Bodies

Beautiful Bodies is a celebration of the human form and all of the love it contains. Dancers bring their beautiful bodies—of many different types, sizes, and qualities—as their means of expressing the emotion and soul at the core of their being. Featuring all-new choreography in contemporary, ballet, Broadway jazz, tap, and circus arts, this is a decadent Valentine’s Day experience!


Video sample: https://vimeo.com/319153575/37b828a88f

Number of Dancers: Up to 10

Stage Requirements: Smooth, flat surface, at least 25’ x 25’

Backdrop, Scenery: None

Props: For a circus arts solo—fire or LED props included as the venue allows

Lighting: General lighting system

Sound: General sound system, including microphone and hookup for keyboard

Dressing Rooms: Male and female rooms are needed



Pieces included:

Kiss Me  by Ed Sheehan, Choreography by Shannon Gale

8 dancers, contemporary


Make You Feel My Love  by Adele, Choreography by EveMarie Bessenbach

1 dancer, contemporary en pointe


Love on the Brain  by Rihanna, Choreography by Katrina Goulbourne

3 dancers, contemporary


I’m So In Love With You  by Jill Andrews and Seth Avett, Choreography by EveMarie Bessenbach

2 dancers, contemporary pas de deux


I Can’t Help Falling In Love With You , Choreography by Kathy Gale

Live Music: Vocals by Katrina Goulbourne, Keyboard by Tyler  Hammond

2 dancers, ballet


Halo  by Beyonce, Choreography by Claire Wolfe

1 dancer, contemporary


Let’s Get it On  by Marvin Gay, Choreography by Shannon Gale

2 dancers, contemporary jazz pas de deux


Lay a Little Lovin’ on Me  by Duke Robillard, Choreography by Kay Kissick

4 dancers, Broadway jazz


There Will Be Time by Mumford & Sons, Choreography by Angelito Anacan

5 dancers, contemporary


The Heartbeat of Love at First Sight, Choreography by Kay Kissick

1 dancer, tap acapella


So Are You To Me  by Eastmountainsouth, Choreography by EveMarie Bessenbach

2 dancers, ballet en pointe


Unwritable Girl  by Gregory Alan Isakov , Choreography by Kacey Hulker, Abilail Rank, Claire Wolfe

2 dancers, contemporary


Just the Way You Are  by Bruno Mars, Choreography by Katrina Goulbourne, Dorothy Smith

2 dancers, contemporary


The Point of It All  by Anthony Hamilton, Choreography by Angelito Anacan

1 dancer, contemporary


Tip of My Tongue  by the Civil Wars, Choreography by Dorothy Smith

1 dancer, ballet and circus arts including levi wand, juggling, & dragon staff


If You Were the Woman and I Were the Man  by Cowboy Junkies & John Prine, Choreography by Kay Kissick

2 dancers, contemporary pas de deux


Lady in Red  by Chris de Burgh, Choreography by Shannon Gale

9-10 dancers, contemporary

Happy Dance

Happy Dance is currently under development and will be prepared for stage presentation during Summer 2019.


Gale Force Dance performers use movement to celebrate all of the good things in life, alternatingly exuberant, languorous, and playful. Happy Dance is a family friendly celebration. We know that when you get good news or achieve a goal, you have your own happy dance—we are going to make you want to get out of your seat and dance for joy!


Please email shannon@frankfortballet.com for technical requirements and other details for Happy Dance.




GREAT REVIEWS for “Beautiful Bodies 2019”

Thank You to GALE FORCE DANCE for an incredible evening. Truly "Beautiful Bodies" in powerful graceful motion. Fun combinations of genres and tight choreography. A spectacular show for a Valentines day date. "Worth spilling a drink" is my new standard for productions that raise the bar and that all starts with this performance. ~Denis Dawson

Shannon Gale, Katrina Goulbourne, Dot Smith (Dorothy), and all dancers in Beautiful Bodies; Bravo! Bravo! Absolutely beautiful and breathtaking! Perfect Valentine's gift to our community! — celebrating love. ~Carolyn Lynn

Beautiful Bodies was amazing! I had such a wonderful evening with my husband! Shannon Gale the show was beautiful! You were stunning! All of the dancers were fantastic! Katrina Goulbourne you sing like an angel & I was totally in awe of your performance! And Dot Smith you’re personality shines on stage! Seriously, absolutely loved the show! It was fantastic! ~Jessica Elliston

Shannon Gale it was awesome!!!!! The girls loved it all. The little ones liked the tap dances and the only problem we had was keeping [my youngest] from dancing in the aisle trying to copy you all. It was great! ~Nick Laraquente

The Beautiful Bodies performance last night by Gale Force Dance company was great! ~Cary Sudduth

This performance was a great experience. One of the things I loved was there weren’t just classic 20-something ballet bodies on stage: there were all body types and ages up there doing their thing up there. They all were technically solid in their dance movement and really enjoying themselves! Small-town art at its best. ~Geoff Pinkerton

Wow! We watched the 5:30 show and they were truly amazing! ~Shawchyi Vorisek

I just wanted to call and let you all know that we attended the Beautiful Bodies performance last night at the Grand Theatre, and we thoroughly enjoyed it. Hope we will be able to see more productions like this, hope you all will do more….I think it’s good culturally, it’s just good for Frankfort, and it’s good for you guys to have an opportunity to show us your beautiful dancing. So, we thank you, and it was a great Valentine’s Day…and beautiful bodies—that came from my husband! ~Sharon Fisher

Enjoyed the performance. Nice job to all! ~Francee Schlosser





Angelito Anacan

Performance Experience: Allegro Dance Project, Kentucky Ballet Theatre, Lexington Ballet Company, Dance Theatre of Tennessee

Teaching Experience: Frankfort School of Ballet, Innovation Arts Academy

Training: Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet, Dance Theatre of Tennessee, Pacific Ballet Academy, Hawaii State Ballet


EveMarie Bessenbach

Performance Experience: Allegro Dance Project, Lexington Ballet, Dance Theatre of Tennessee, Hosanna Sacred Arts, Missouri Ballet Theatre

Choreography Experience: Lexington Ballet, BalletMet Dance Academy, Missouri Ballet Theatre, American Dance Troupe, Indy Convergence, Magnum Opus Ballet

Teaching Experience: University of Kentucky, Bluegrass Youth Ballet, Lexington Ballet School, BalletMet Columbus, Krupinski Academy of Dance, Lindenwood University, Frankfort School of Ballet

Training: Butler University, ABT National Training


Kathy Gale

Teaching Experience: Frankfort School of Ballet

Training: Donald P. Journeaux, Sheila Rozann


Shannon Gale

Performance Experience: Freelance Guest Artist

Teaching Experience: Frankfort School of Ballet, Charisse School of Dance

Training: Lexington Ballet, Charisse School of Dance, Joplin School of Ballet  


Katrina Goulbourne

Teaching Experience: Frankfort School of Ballet

Training: Dance Arts in Visalia


Kay Kissick

Performance Experience: Nashville Ballet, off-Broadway musicals

Teaching Experience: Frankfort School of Ballet, Innovation Arts Academy, Indiana University Northwest, Bluegrass Youth Ballet

Training: Oklahoma City University


Abigail Rank

Performance Experience: Allegro Dance Project

Teaching Experience: Innovation Arts Academy, Winchester Christian Ballet

Training: Kentucky Ballet Theatre, Bluegrass Performing Arts Company, Winchester Christian Ballet, the Academy for Creative Excellence, Arts Studio of Kentucky, Farah Fox Tyree School of Dance


Dorothy Smith

Performance Experience: Calypso Flow Performance Arts, Spun out Fire

Teaching Experience: Frankfort School of Ballet, Innovation Arts Academy

Training: School of the Lexington Ballet, Frankfort School of Ballet, Denver Ballet Theatre


Claire Wolfe

Training: Frankfort School of Ballet, Appalachian State University, Cincinnati’s Dance Etc.


Gale Force Dance also welcomes Guest Artists to enhance our programs at times. Recently, we have been proud to share the stage with Russell Hatter, William Geoghegan, and Tyler Hammond.

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