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To register for classes, just click Register below and fill out our secure online Registration Form! You will be able to enroll more than one student with your family registration. If "Register" does not appear next to a class, that class is full or registration has closed. There is a $25 Registration Fee ($15 for Homeschool and Adaptive Dance Classes) for each dancer due upon enrollment for the remaining school year.

Students are rewarded for their dedication with AMAZING Multiple Class Discounts (excludes Homeschool Dance Classes): 50% off your 2nd and 3rd class, 75% off your 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th classes. (1st class is always full price and is always your highest priced class. Discounts apply to Tuition only.). If you have any questions about Tuition, please call us at 502-226-6443 or email

New Class Options for January 2020!

Praise Dance Class:

Open to all ages, Praise Dance draws upon both deep-rooted tradition and immediate inspiration to express the joy, love, wonder, and awe of the relationship between we humans and the Divine. As human beings, we all experience what it is to be physically moved by spirit: to lift up our hands at the sight of a beautiful sunset, to bow our heads in sorrow, or to jump for joy. Praise Dance builds upon that inspired sense of movement, helping us both to express our faith as a form of worship and to tell the story of our faith to a broader audience. This ecumenical class will be rooted in the Judeo-Christian tradition, but welcomes all who feel moved by the unseen to dance. Thursdays 6:45-7:45pm; free tuition with $25 Registration Fee.


Homeschool Dance Classes (8 weeks):

Looking for a way to add art, music, and movement into your homeschool curriculum? Our Homeschool Dance Classes were created to offer flexibility and affordability for homeschooling families. Classes include ballet, creative movement, tap, and jazz, taught by the gentle teacher of our wonderful cottage school, the Circle Play and Learn Academy. Thursdays, March 12-May 7th (no class Spring Break week); $15 Registration Fee.

3-6 Yr Olds 1:30-2:00pm $45/8 weeks

7+ Yr Olds 2:00-3:00pm $60/8 weeks

Adaptive Dance (8 weeks):

For all levels and ages, our Adaptive Dance class is specially crafted for the needs of individuals with differing abilities. Our goal is to offer their beautiful bodies an opportunity to express themselves through movement while building coordination, self-confidence, strength, and mobility in a safe and loving environment. Class will include various genres for a fun and gentle experience. A parent or guardian is requested to stay at class with their dancer. Thursdays 12:45-1:30pm; March 12-May 7th (no class Spring Break week). $106/8weeks; $15 Registration Fee.

2019-2020 School Year

Classes began September 3rd and will run through May 23, 2020. Due to recital, registration for many of our classes is now closed.

Tuition rates listed are per month (except Adaptive Dance and Homeschool Dance classes). You may pay for the full year (9 months), in 2 installments (first installment due upon registration and the second installment due January 15), or on the 1st of each month (first month due upon enrollment and monthly payments made automatically with your credit card). Whichever method you choose, you will be enrolled for the entire school year from the date of your enrollment to May 23, 2020. Classes began the week of September 1st; signups after that date will be prorated (you will receive an email with the prorated amount following registration).


Note that we require all students to wear appropriate clothing and footwear. Further information regarding our dress code will be sent to you after you register.


Take advantage of our Family Discount: If more than one person in a nuclear family is enrolled in dance class, everyone in the family gets 10% off their tuition; if three or more family members enroll, everyone in the family gets 15% off their tuition! This discount does not apply to the Registration Fee, Performance Participation Fees, or any other fee.

Youth Classes

Placement is based on your child's age as of 8/1/19. (Enroll each child age 1-8 in only one dance class in that genre)

All of our Youth classes are Combination Classes that include ballet, tap, jazz, and creative movement with age-appropriate pedagogy that makes it fun and exciting to learn proper dance technique. (Ages 5-8 also have the option to sign up for a Combination Class that includes acro in addition to ballet, tap, jazz, and creative movement.)

Pre-Professional Division

New students age 9-14 are welcome to join our Level I classes. New students interested in joining Levels II-VI should call 502-226-6443 or email to discuss appropriate placement.

For descriptions of the various genres offered, go to our Dance Styles​ page.

New this year, we are offering Pre-Professional Tracks for those dancers who desire to reach their full potential in a certain genre of dance--and possibly become professional dancers or dance teachers. These Tracks are groups of classes that include those dance styles most important for developing the technique, strength, and knowledge needed for you to be successful at auditions for performance opportunities and interviews for job opportunities at FSB and beyond. The Pre-Professional Tracks not only provide the genres that are imperative for developing the pre-professional dancer, they offer great deals on tuition! Because Conditioning is so important for building the strength, flexibility, and stamina that dancers need, it is included in the tracks for free! Then we also take a little extra off the tuition for the other classes in the track. And, any additional classes you sign up for will be 75% off!


The Pre-Professional Tracks include:

Pre-Professional Ballet: ballet at your level, modern, and conditioning. (Package price for Levels I, II, III, and IV+ are $80, $110, $140, and $170)

Pre-Professional Contemporary: contemporary, jazz, modern, ballet technique, and conditioning. (Package   price for Levels I- II is $100 and Level III+  is $115)

Pre-Professional Circus: circus arts, acro, ballet technique, and conditioning. (Package price is $115)

Pre-Professional Broadway: jazz, ballet technique, tap, and conditioning. (Package price is $95)

To sign up for the Pre-Professional Tracks, enroll in each of the individual classes in that package and note the track name in the comments section during enrollment. The online registration form will allow you to register for only 5 classes at a time. Submit your registration for your first five classes, then open the registration form again and register for the rest of them.

Adult Classes

All adult classes are for all levels, beginner through advanced. For descriptions of the various genres offered, go to our Dance Styles page. Adults are welcome to wear any clothing that allows for full range movement; appropriate dance shoes will be required.


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