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2021 Summer Session: June 8 - July 20

Registration: Click the correct age group tab for a list of classes and to register.


Registration Fee: $10 registration fee will be applied after signup.


Family Discount*: 10% off first 2 siblings. 15% off 3 or more. 


Click this button to sign up through the...

2020-2021 School Year: September 8 - May 29 (Registration is Closed)


Class Placement: based on age as of 8/1/20.

Pre-Professional level placement is based on a consideration of age combined with FSB instructor recommendation. 

Adult classes are for all levels, beginner through advanced. 

AMAZING Multiple Class Discounts*:

35% off your 2nd,

55% off your 3rd class,

75% off your 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th classes.

(1st class is always highest price class at full price.)

Family Discount*: 10% off first 2 parents/siblings. 15% off 3 or more. 

Registration Fee: $30.

Monthly Tuition: due upon registration and the 1st of each month -- or group your tuition into 1 full-year payment or 2 half-year payments (due at registration and January 15). Whichever schedule you choose, you will be enrolled for the entire school year.
Students are required to wear clothing and footwear as detailed here:
*All discounts apply to tuition only.

Have questions? Need help? Call or text 502-226-6443 or email

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